Uncivilsation Festival 2021: Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY | September 7, 9, 10

Uncivilisation Festival 2021

A three-night run of genre-bending music heralded by the “freak-folk-jazz” collective Uncivilized (with the same group each night, a rareity for the group) on September 7, 9, and 10, in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York, with vegan food courtesy of bandleader UncivilizedTom's Café Uncivilized.


Jason Burger - percussion

Alex Kirkpatrick - percussion

Nick Jozwiak - upright

Nick Jost - upright

Casey Berman - tenor sax

Kevin Sun - tenor sax

Tom Csatari - guitar & effects

Dom Mekky - keys & effects


@ Jalopy Theatre (Live Workshop)

Tues Sep. 7

8p to 10p

315 Columbia St

https://jalopytheatre.org// Live Stream: https://www.viewcy.com/e/uncivilsation_festiva


@ Flying Lobster (Sponsored by Keyed Up)

Thurs Sep. 9

7p to 10p

144 Union St.



@ Record Shop (Live Recording + 3-Band Bill)

Fri. Sep. 10

Scree 7p

(Jason Burger, Carmen Rothwell, Ryan Beckley)

Ben Stapp and the First Eonic Clock Reading 8p
featuring Sam Newsome (Soprano), Shanyse Strickland (French Horn, Flute), Noel Brennan (Drums), and Ben Stapp (Tuba/Compositions).

Uncivilized 8p

(Jason Burger, Alex Kirkpatrick, Dom Mekky, Tom Csatari, Kevin Sun, Casey Berman, Nick Jozwiak, Nick Jost)

+ DJ DePasquale

360 Van Brunt St.


Uncivilisation Festival: Finale Night

Finale Night at Bene's Record Shop.








The original Uncivlisation Festival, located near Wales, in 2010, was all about place. Based loosely around "Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Manifesto", a zine-book published in 2009, the festival took place annually until 2013, each time featuring music, food, and talks which contemplated the role of civilization post–Climate Change. But it was more than that: A statement about a lot of things, and about nothing specific. A community that gathered around art and placemaking as a means to cope with the blowbacks of industrial society. A happening that embraced chaos and the unknown; a rewilded odyssey into our inner campfire desires.

The musical project Uncivilized, formed circa 2012 in New York City, was formed after reading the manifesto in a hidden Google Chrome tab at my office job, feeling disillusioned with my job writing recycling reports, and with the music industry in general, the term Uncivilized—capital U—really stuck, and captured the goal of the project: to find a community which simultaneously embraced the freedom of improvisation, and the mystery of song, towards some sort of post-postmodern sonic environmentalism.

This all sounds high falutin. It sounds contrarian. It's probably both, but the concept has grown and expanded over the course of nearly a decade to include a resumé of performances, residencies, and recordings that are uniquely vaporous and inviting, despite their outright experimentation.

The culmination of this anti-establishment oeuvre will take place in Red Hook, Brooklyn—the primary location of the project's incubation—over the course of three nights at local venues which provide the opportunity to collaborate and convene at the edge of the city.

Expect The Unexpected™, with experimental vegan food; an eight-piece, electro acoustic chamber orchestra; and, on the final night, a special live recording of all new pandemic-era compositions which split the difference between exacting design and controlled chaos, where there is freedom, but there are limits.

~ Uncivilized Tom (Csatari), August 2021


uncivilizedtom (at) gmail (dot) com